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Kids’ birthdays: refined carbs are the way to go

So, the Little Nutball’s 6th birthday party went off without a lot of hitches. There was only one party crasher (bearing a re-gift, of course), not too many tears and, finally, plenty of refined carbs and sugar, which I think must have led to many early nights in households across our little corner of Hamilton.

Common tonsil stones sore throat and other symptoms

If you are experiencing tonsil stones symptoms then you can either choose to treatment them surgically or naturally. Surgeons can either go in and scrap off and remove the stones themselves in a short procedure. However, if you get them a lot of have problems with your tonsils in general a lot they may decide

Monday Ramblings

The Weekend Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. For as crazy as our lives have been the last month or so, this past weekend was such a nice change. Neither Ryan nor I had any obligations so we simply cherished the down time that we had together with our little

For the money I do have…

I am thankful for the money that I do have, though it is little (negative to be honest) it still comes in every two weeks… I could have no job and be living on the street, but instead I have a roof over my head, a computer with which I can view the entire world