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Recipes Shepherds Pie

Whenever I make this recipe, every one raves about it and wants the recipe. This is a great recipe that even the kids can help out with. Ingredients: 2 lbs ground beef (may also use ground pork, lamb, or turkey)2 onions minced8 to 10 potatoes peeled and mashed1 can cream of mushroom soup2 tbsp Italian

Recipes Spicy Sausage Cheese Dip

Spicy sausage cheese dip this is a great dip! The combination of sausage whether it be mild or hot mixed with cheese and spread on a cracker or dripping off a chip is an delicious treat! It reminds of a Philly steak sandwich! Ingredients 1 pound of fresh sausage (Medium or hot)1/2 cup of hot

Recipes Low Fat Meatloaf

Busy life styles? No one is home at the same time? How do you prepare a good meal that can stay warm for a couple of hours? I have the answers. I am a single mom of three active teenagers. We all have different schedules, so it was hard to plan a meal where we

Recipes Potato Pancakes

Need to make something quick but have not gone grocery shopping and the cupboards are bare? Here is an easy dinner with only a few things needed and which are a staple in most households. 6 – 7 potatoes, peeled and grated1 large onion, grated2 eggs6 heaping tablespoons of floursalt and pepper to tasteoil Mix

Recipes Quesadilla

For this great dish you will need the following ingredients One bunch of spring onions, which will need to have been trimmed and then sliced One table spoon of crushed chillies One table spoon of sunflower oil Eight hundred grams of red kidney beans Six hundred grams of Cannellini beans Sixteen organic sun dried tomatoes, which

Recipes Jelly Doughnuts

If you are anything like me, you love fresh donuts on a weekend morning but the thought of making them homemade is just too daunting.  It is easy running out and picking up some fresh donuts to bring home but sometimes you just don’t feel like getting out, maybe it’s too cold, rainy or you

Recipes Posh Squash using Crookneck Squash

Posh Squash is a wonderful family recipe passed from my Grandmother. It is easy and delicious. My family loves it. Whcih is saying a lot. Getting a teen to eat squash is miraculous at best! Using 2 pounds of Crookneck Squash2 eggs1 cup mayonnaise1 small onion finely chopped1/4 cup chopped green pepper1/4 teaspoon Thyme leaves3/4

Recipes Moroccan Couscous

Moroccan CouscousSeriving size=6 to 8 Cook time= 5 minIngredients4 tablespoons (1/2 stick) unsalted butter3/4 cup chopped shallots3 cups Homemade Chicken Stock, recipe follows, or canned broth1/2 teaspoon kosher salt1/2 teaspoon black pepper1 1/2 cups couscous1/2 cup pignoli nuts, toasted1/4 cup currants DirectionsMelt the butter in a large saute pan, add the shallots and cook for

Recipes Ground Turkey Meatloaf

As the world becomes more health conscious so does our cooking. Many people are turning away from ground hamburger and towards ground turkey as a healthier alternative to red meat. I still make meatloaf with hamburger but this recipe uses turkey and I really couldn’t tell the difference between the two meats. My turkey meatloaf

Recipes Indian whole Wheat Flatbreads Chapattis

These are the simplest flatbreads you’ll ever make, and are quite tasty and nutritious. Recipe can be veganized by using vegetable margarine instead of butter. 2 1/2 Cups Whole wheat flour1 Cup All purpose flour1 Cup Water All purpose flour for dusting Butter or margarine for brushing Combine the flours and water in a bowl,