Beginners Guide to Low Fat Cooking

There are literally hundreds of small things you can do in your everyday food preparation and cooking that can help you to make lower fat meals, and as a result lower your cholesterol and lose weight as at the same time.

The most obvious and easy thing to do is to switch to low fat cooking oil, and avoid using lard or butter when doing things like frying or basting cooked meat. This will make all your food prepared in this way much lower fat than before. on the theme of frying and grilling, using something like a George foreman grill rather than a pan, that will drain the fat away and catch it as you cook will not only decrease fat, but can quicken cooking times as well.

Another easy thing that a lot of people overlook it simply to buy lower fat things like mayonnaise, salad dressing, even some precooked and packaged meats which may seem like small things, but can make a big difference when you use them all the time.
Things like this you might not think of, but when you are using this type of thing for food preparation, such as when making sauces, over time this can make your food a lot healthier.

Once you have researched the different products you can find for cooking you will certainly be surprised at the range of things you can get in lower fat versions, which can greatly reduce the fat in your foods, which of corse is a lot healthire for you in the longrun.


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