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Why Fast Food Chains use so much Salt

Salt is addictive, and fast food chains know it. We have all grown up using it, and the truth is, we crave it.  Go into any supermarket and you will find an entire aisle dedicated to the sales of bags of salty snacks. Chips, popcorn, crackers, and nuts are all popular quick treats, and all

Recipes Focaccia Bread

3 cups unbleached all-purpose flour2 teaspoons of sea salt1 tablespoon sugar1 package instant yeast1 1/3 cups warm water3 tablespoons extra virgin oliveoil, divided2 tablespoons dried rosemary1 small can of sliced black olives (drained)2 tablespoons Parmesan cheese (grated) In a large bowl, stir together the flours, sugar and salt. Place yeast into a cup of warm

Recipes Chocolate Ganache

If you want your ganache to be delicious you have to choose a chocolate with high quality. My recipe for preparing the chocolate ganache is easy. Ingredients:200 gr high quality chocolate,cut into small pieces200 gr whipping cream1 tablespoon liqueur20 gr butter1 pinch of cinnamon Method of preparation:Heat the butter and cream. When it boils pour

What is a Healthy Home Made Drink

Nothing tastes better than cold watermelon when you are thirsty. Summer is over, but watermelons are still hanging on. Why not take it a bit further and make a memorable watermelon drink. Polynesians love this drink and it always makes a big hit at luaus and other gatherings. It is usually gone as quickly as

Recipes Chicken Paprikas

Chicken Paprikas are a popular Hungarian meal. They are quick and easy to make and they taste delicious. Ingredients 4 large chicken breasts1 /3 cup of water2 chicken bullion cubes2 Tablespoons paprika1 Tablespoon onion powder1 Tablespoon garlic powder1 Tablespoon celery salt1 Tablespoon seasoning salt2 Tablespoons of margarine or butter Preparation Preheat the oven to 375

Verview of Turkey Cooking Times

Turkey is the lowest calorie meat of all poultry and easy  to cook if you follow some simple guidelines. Turkeys can be purchased whole (weighing from 3 to 13 kilograms) or in portions. The most succulent meat comes from young birds, 15 to 24 weeks old and are best for roasting. Older birds are better

Recipes Dry Rub Ribs

This is one of my hands-down favorite recipes that works great with both beef and pork short ribs. Compared to a lot of other recipes this is extremely easy, though you do need to make the ribs a day in advance. Please note, all amounts are approximate. I rarely measure closely. G-Mo’s Rib Rub: Makes

How to Cook Savoy Cabbage

Unless you know how to cook and serve cabbage it can be dull and it looks unappetising. If you are cooking for children then it is often nigh on impossible to cook or disguise any greens so that your offspring will eat them. The Savoy cabbage only takes minutes to boil and when it is

How to Cook Rice

Rice is a staple food and is an important part of many people’s diets, it can be an excellent alternative to potatoes or pasta. An important thing to remember when working with rice is that it should not be reheated therefore it would be recommended that only an amount which is going to be used

Tips for Improving Restaurant Service

Every restaurant owner wants to be successful! Along with quality and consistency of the food, is the satisfaction of your customers service. Teaching employees some very basic and respectful skills will help ensure improved service to your customers. Hands off the food or tops of the plates. Do not stack plates on top of food