Eye Color Meaning

”Eyes are the window to the soul.” This is according to an old adage. Many of us believe that we could get through a person’s personality by looking at their eyes, most especially by the color that their eyes are projecting. Nowadays, the field of alternative medicine is also focused on the variation of rarest eye colors making it the basis for evaluating your overall health.

In pop culture, on the other hand, your eye color is normally assessed to entertainingly predict your personality. However, some exceptional research shows that your  eye color is related to a person’s personality.

The complex recombination of both the parent’s DNA directs the eye color of their child.

The Sewanee University emphasized the DNA you possess regulates the amount of pigment in your eyes thus, resulting in your permanent eye color. The amount of the pigment protein called melanin determines the shade your eyes are going to have. The higher the amount of melanin, the darker your eyes would be. As we age, the color of our eyes also changes. Infants and youngsters normally have blue eyes because melanin production is still not pronounced at that time of life.

Regarding eye color meaning, the CyberPulse group has conducted a survey and it showed that many people attribute the color of their eyes to some of their personality traits and behavior. Remember that there is no scientific basis that would support this result and this was only done for entertainment’s sake. It was observed that some people consider the link of eye color to personality more than others. Results of 34% showed that respondents attribute brown eyes to intelligence. Participants amounting to 42% say that blue eyes projects the effective expression of affection.

According to Creighton University’s Alternative Medicine website, alternative medicines focused on eye color called iridology, claims to elucidate certain medical conditions through examining the eye. In iridology, blue, mixed and green are three basic eye colors. They have a chart of different eye colors and match it to a person’s current eye color to make a diagnosis. If your eyes turn yellow, it signifies an abnormality in your body.

Dana P. Huff, a graduate student in Rowan University, conducted a study showing that the relation of eye color and personality can possibly be factual. Random preschoolers were selected and their behaviors were analyzed by their teachers. It was found out that blue-eyed children were more socially active than green and brown-eyed children. But Huff emphasized that shyness is not a physical trait and social intelligence can be learned.

The blue color is considered as the universal color. The blue hue expresses a very cool and calming effect. In diverse cultural beliefs and traditions, the blue color wards of evil and brings peace. When eye color meaning is associated to supernatural beliefs, people usually connect the eye color to people’s extraordinary ability. The blue eye color is majestically considered as representation of the sun and the sky. Some people with this eye color are even believed to be clairvoyant and are able to see the past and the future. To predict the eye color of your baby-to-be, you can check eye color calculator to know the chances of having the certain eye color for your baby.