Is Organic Produce really Worth more Money – Yes

Arguing that a person should buy organic foods for health reasons is difficult, since we know so little about the effects of all the myriad compounds in our lives, both synthetic and natural. And from the standpoint of your finances, it’s true that nonorganic foods will be cheaper. I concede both points. I will even agree that buying the cheapest products, regardless of their origin, is the best thing you can do for yourself in this lifetime.

However, most of us will never be powerful business leaders, politicians or even widely published writers. We will never have the power to order, pay, or persuade others to affect large, sweeping changes for the global good. Hence, the only power we have stems from the decisions we make in our own lives. When you purchase the products of sustainable agriculture, you exercise that power in a positive way. Reducing pesticide use, rotating crops, and companion planting are all investments in the quality of the soil and the long term productivity of each farm. Yes, you pay more to buy food now, but sustainable agriculture means your children and their children (and so on) will have food to buy.

Is there any meaning to existence beyond your own survival and that of your immediate family and friends? Is the moment all that matters? You have the right to answer those questions for yourself and make decisions accordingly. I’ve never been “religious” in the traditional sense of the word, but the idea of medieval Europeans building grand cathedrals has always touched my heart as a metaphor. Many labored willingly, knowing the cathedral would never be completed in their lifetimes. They did so out of faith in a higher purpose, a belief that their actions could matter even after their lives were over. I believe that concept of faith extends equally well to religion and to humanism.


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