Taco Salad is a dish that is loved by thousands upon thousands of people all over the world. Most people love a great tasting taco salad on occasion. Here is my recipe for Taco Salad that is very easy to make.

Easy to make Taco Salad to serve 8 people:

2 pound ground beef
2 2-ounce packages taco seasoning
2 large onions – chopped
10 ounces Cheddar or Mexican mix shredded or grated cheese
8 ounce bag of corn chips (crushed)
1 large head of lettuce (cut or torn into smaller pieces)
2 tomatoes (cut into small chunks)
sour cream

Brown the ground beef and follow the instruction’s to add the taco seasoning. Add the onions and simmer for a few minutes. Put all other ingredients in a large bowl with a lid and shake the bowl to get the ingredients mixed together well.

Remove the lid from the bowl and add the the meat and onions then put the lid back on and shake the bowl until everything is well mixed. Top with sour cream as desired.


You can serve the meat on top of the rest of the ingredients. Top with sour cream as desired.


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