Should i be Eating that Fast Food

I prefer to think that I’m a hamburger connoisseur, but that’s probably untrue since I’ve had much of my hamburger fare at fast food restaurants. However, I have always gone into the fast food joint knowing that what I’m getting is potentially dangerous and, of course, obviously unhealthy. Sure, I know I should be eating at more respectable, more healthful places, or maybe I should just stick to eating at home, but somehow, I get an itch (at least once a month) for a good ol’ fast food hamburger.

Coming from California, home to the much-renowned In-N-Out Burger, I am a fan of hamburgers. However, I’m also weight-conscious, and most of the time, health-conscious, too. I know I shouldn’t be eating “that,” but I also know that moderation is the key. I could have it, couldn’t I? Nothing is really stopping me. And when you are on a long road trip, with nothing else to eat, fast food just seems so convenient and cheap.

Perhaps I should be packing fruit and vegetables for those long road trips, but I tend to forget about those packed healthy foods when I’m thinking about the rising price of gas. Fast food is just easy to access; there’s no doubt that somewhere, just around the corner, is a fast food restaurant that has some cheap, yet “delicious,” fare. When it is 2 a.m. and the only hot food you can get is something from McDonald’s, fast food becomes an instant choice.

Fast food culture is looked down upon, because it takes away family intimacy at the dinner table and it encourages a fast-paced lifestyle which puts a person’s health on the not-so-good side. Yet, considering that American lives are busy and there is barely enough time to get some homecooked food on the table, something from KFC is an easy substitute. Yes, fast food culture is quickly replacing some very good, very real American values, but the distinct fast-paced characteristic of American culture, should be taken into account.

I didn’t grow up on fast food, and I’m not a big proponent of it, but in some cases, fast food is quite necessary. Fast food culture has its good side and its bad side, like with anything else, but it won’t become a problem if people are equipped with moderation in eating at fast food restaurants.


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