Should Restaurants be Required to List Calories and Fat Grams on their Menu – Yes

It is so important these days to include all the information you can on calories, fat grams and even sodium and carbs. In todays world, we are all watching what we eat in terms of a better nutrition. We care what we put in our bodies and we will enjoy it so much more, if we know what we are eating.

Times have changed, my friends. We are gaining more knowledge and living longer than man used to live. At least by 10 years and it is due to better body maintenance. People are taking the time to educate themselves in better nutrition. Take for instance a simple grocery store like Kroger’s. Just walk around and find the “organic grown vegetables”, or the “low fat” this or that. 20 years ago nobody cared what the label said. But due to more knowledge and better information, we are all reading labels and not because we have gifted children that cannot have this or that, but because we care about what we are putting into our bodies.

Remember the times you went into your local Denny’s or 24 hour place and everyone was scarfing down on biscuits and sausage gravy or eggs Benedict smothered in a hollandaise sauce? Or a chicken fried steak covered in gravy after being deep fried. Who was watching calorie intake or fat grams? No one!

Now, it’s about oatmeal and fruit. It’s about taking the time to read and decide what is the better decision. Even our fast food chains are including labels for nutrition to better their business’.

The world of fried foods and severe obesity is coming to a lower number than ever before all due to the knowledge that everyone has on intake of calories and fat grams. Before it seemed as if nobody cared for this information. It was always out there but it has taken a long time for it to become public knowledge on what the effect of too much fat grams and and too many calories, can do to your body.

The restaurants that do include calorie and fat grams on the menu, are the ones that have more people at their tables due to the confidence that the consumers have for what they are eating. They feel better about eating in a place where they are more informed on the ingredients of their food. They feel better about the decision they made in choosing the better place to eat.


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