Spaghetti Alla Carbonara Recipe

Spaghetti alla Carbonara.

It’s a typical Italian dish, from the area of Rome. His origin are mysterious: a legend want, it was created by “carbinai” people who worked in the forests producing the wood charcoal, to slow combustion. For other people, “carbonara” takes his origin from “carbonari”, a group of revolutionaries, who’ve fighting against Austrian occupation, during the eighteen century. It seems tha a recipe like this, was present in the book of the duke of Buonvicino Ippolito Cavalcanti, “La cucina teorico-pratica.”

But the most interesting version is referred to american soldiers, during the occupation of Rome in the second world war. They went in Rome’s restaurant asking for eggs, bacon and noodles (typical Chinese pasta, more diffused in America than Italian spaghetti).

Chef fulfilled their request and served bacon eggs and italian pasta, but this dish was insipid. To remedy this inconvenience, American soldiers, mixed the ingredient, and created the ancestor of the famous dish.

For 4/5 person you need

500 g of bacon

5 egg yolks

grated pecorino (typical Italian cheese, from milk of sheet)

grated parmesan



salt and pepper

Boil salted water in a pot: that will be needed to boil spaghetti.

Meanwhile, mix in a bowl the 5 egg yolks with Parmesan (and, in addition, the pecorino cheese) with a pinch of salt, until you have a creamy sauce.

Dice bacon and let cook in a pot witj a tablespoon of hot oil; the bacon become crispy. When spaghetti are boiled, joined the eggs and browned bacon, with the butter and a bit of pepper.

Serve immediately.

Be careful the egg, which doesn’t cook, and should never exceed 70 degrees, not to reach the temperature of coagulation of the yolk. Then, add it, after turning off the flame.The cream is recommended in many recipes because, if added in small quantities, it helps the egg to not solidify and gives the dish extra creamy.


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