The Health Risks of Eating at Restaurants

Ive always made it a point to try and stay away from restaurant food, whether it be fast food or a nice sit down place. There are two main reasons that stick out in my mind when i say this. The amount of fat and calories that are in everything you get, and the preparation of the food itself also worries me.

We have all seen those shows on television where there is a hidden camera in the kitchen, and we have the pleasure of seeing the cook either drop the food on the ground and still use it, possibility of mismanaged cuts, improperly sanitizing their work station or themselves. Its very sickening when you really think about it, and if your one of those people who do eat out somewhere frequently that obviously increases your chances of this. By eating out your also increasing your chances of common colds, flu, or viruses. Call me crazy but I like to be the one who handles my food, then I know for sure its in good hands.

The second reason I stay out of restaurants is simply because it seems like they have to cook everything in grease. The last thing people who work office jobs and don’t get enough exercise need is greasy fatty food. People are out there that eat fast food everyday of their life, some skinny some thicker. The longer a person eats this greasy garbage consistently the more health problems they will encounter, and that is a fact. They say smoking can cause cancer so they need a warning on the box, am I right? My question to these huge fast food chains is this. Why do they not have to have a warning on their cheeseburgers(EXCESSIVE EATING OF BURGERS MAY CAUSE HEARTATTACK OR SWELLING OF BODY)? What really bothers me is the parents who have heavy set children and they continue to take them to places of this type.

This is a problem it seems like people just ignore, but if everyone just keeps gorging on this stuff what else do they really think they will get out of it other than obese. Everyone just wants everything right away with no work involved, thats just how this country is these days. There is way to much work involved in cooking a meal, pretty sad if you ask me.


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