Tia Maria Coffee Liqueur Premium Liqueuralcoholic Beverage

“Tia Maria”

Tia Maria is a thick alcohol based drink that is made with Jamaican rum and fresh Blue Mountain coffee. It is a definite yes for this sensuous drink. I have had the pleasure of drinking this delightful concoction many times, and it never disappoints. The aromatic smell of rum and coffee is very inviting.

Blue Mountain coffee is said to be the number one coffee in the world. The combination of coffee, spices and rum is a great blend. This coffee liqueur has been around for more than three hundred years, and it has been tweaked to perfection. Tia Maria goes down real smooth and you can sip it all night. Some people think of Tia Maria as iced coffee with Jamaican rum. Of course; Tia Maria fans know that it is has a much more intriguing taste than that.

Tia Maria is usually served on the rocks, but you can drink it straight. It is a good drink to enjoy while you are out all night drinking because the alcohol content is only 20% down from 26%. This medium strength spirit will make you tipsy and give you some really good vibes. It makes a tasty at home drink. You can unwind with Tia Maria by adding it to your hot cocoa or hot chocolate. It is a natural complement to coffee.

There are several ways to use Tia Maria such as cooking, baking and making sauces. You can add this liqueur when you are making cakes, and it is great in chocolate souffle’s. It is also used in cookies and strawberry sauces. Add three tablespoons of Tia Maria to your sauce when cooking veal.

Unlike some of the other liqueur that has been compared to Tia Maria, it has no cream, which makes it lower in calories. This amber hued liqueur is a really tasty drink when added to vodka or coke. Try it with some of your favorite cocktails because it blends well with other beverages.

This liqueur comes in many sizes, 1001ml, 3.75ml, 750ml, 1 liter and also miniatures. Fortunately for us; we don’t have to be on vacation to enjoy this delicious type of alcoholic beverage. You can find Tia Maria at your local liquor store, grocery store or you can purchase on-line. Prices range from $20.00 to $32.00 US dollars.

This is an international alcohol beverage which is premium liquor. It is very popular in the UK, and it is the number one coffee liqueur in Quebec Canada. A great way to introduce friends to this intriquing liqueur is to pour Tia Maria at your next dinner party and wow them with this spicy liqueur.


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