What is your Favorite Dessert

Desserts are always so delicious and no matter how much I have eaten before; I always need my dessert. There is plenty of choice among all the different desserts which exist worldwide and you will understand my difficulty to pick just one favorite dessert.

Ice-cream is my favorite dessert in every season but especially during the summer. This delicious sweet is available in all the countries of the world but I always prefer the Italian ice-cream. Before I travelled to Italy I always enjoyed this dessert in an ice-cream parlour in the city I live and made from whole milk. I thought they had the best recipe in the world but I changed my mind after taking many travels to Italy.

The Italian Ice-cream is really the best one in the world and is always my favorite dessert. They are the expert of the ice-cream and maybe the reason can be found that ice-cream originated from Italy and they seem to have the “real secret” of making ice-cream. You can compare it as an art and maybe comparable with their “pasta”. You can’t find in any other country of the world the quality of pasta like in Italy; even Italian restaurants in your hometown don’t offer the same quality. It is the same with ice-cream; you can eat it in every country and find ice-cream parlours which sell Italian ice-cream but it is still different. The typical “gelato” melts more than the traditional ice-cream in your hometown. It is really delicious and I already look forward to enjoy this delicious sweet and dessert.

Ice-cream is a traditional dessert in Italy and almost every one knows the popular Italian ice-cream and called “gelato”. Their secret is that this ice-cream is still hand-made but there are still differences between the individual gellateria in Italy. A foreigner maybe doesn’t recognize the difference but the Italian people know perfectly where to find the best ice-cream in their country.

Italian ice-cream is made from whole milk, eggs, sugar and natural flavourings. This ice-cream doesn’t taste only better but it is even healthier. Italian ice-cream contains between 7 and 8% fat; traditional ice-cream contains 10% or more fat. Italian Ice-cream provides less calories and the best taste. My favourite Italian ice-creams are straciatella (vanilla ice-cream with chocolate streaks) and nocciola (ice-cream with hazelnut). There is plenty of choice in different tastes of ice-creams and especially if you enter one of the gelatterias in Italy; you will find at least 20 different tastes and even these can be mixed in different ice-cream coupes with for example fruit or some other ingredients.

Ice-cream is my favorite dessert but can also be mixed with some other desserts. I also like pancake, waffles, apple pie and I often combine these desserts with ice-cream; this gives some variety in my desserts but the ice-cream is almost every time added to my dessert and it is really delicious to have a cup of coffee after my dessert.

Enjoy the ice-cream!

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