Which is more Important when it comes to Health Food Taste or Nutrition – Nutrition

I believe, after battling a killer disease, that we must all place nutrition first. But, we do not have to sacrifice taste in any way. That is the common misconception of people who live to eat. You can eat to live and enjoy every bite in the process. All it takes is a slight change in consciousness. If you are healthy, you cannot take for granted that you will always be. If you have health problems, you have to take a proactive approach if you want to regain your health. You must place nutrition first and find recipes, restaurants, and grocery items that will enable you to enjoy delicious meals.

I have always been a cheese lover. My Father used to put cheeses and crackers on a wooden board almost every night before dinner. I loved tasting exotic cheeses from all over the world. I used to say, “I could not live without cheese.” But, after I found out that my body cannot metabolize dairy, and it (among other things) was making me quite ill, I gave it up, cold turkey. What a choice… cheese, or illness and ultimately death. Not too tough for me.

Some of my friends said they would rather die. Not me. I have too much to live for, not that I really believe my friends when they said that. Pizza is not going to be a life or death issue for me. I can have pizza, just without the cheese. I use nutritional yeast, or brewers yeast, instead of cheese and make sure my pizza is loaded with all the things I do love (mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, garlic, basil). We make pizza at home and I can eat out. I just carry some nutritional yeast with me. Do I feel sad or upset when others are gobbling down the cheese? Nope, just grateful to be sitting with them.

If you decide to eat to live, instead of living to eat, you will make smarter choices as well. Make a list of the foods you really love. Evaluate them for nutritional values. Then determine what you should give up, lighten up on, or eat more of. If you eat out a lot and the healthy items do not taste particularly good, then start going somewhere else. Try new things. Find what does taste good and is good for you. It is not a question of either or. Eat to live and love what you are putting in your mouth!


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